"Just returned from being home in California for Christmas. While there I had an appt. with my doctor. She, of course wanted to run a blood test. I waited until the last day before leaving to have it done. She constantly challenges me on my cholesterol. I won't go on drug to lower what my body naturally produces and I try to lower it naturally. She sent me via email my results, in which I wanted to share with you. My total number has dropped from 248 to 211 since I have been on the flax lignans. I am very excited and she had nothing but 'keep up the good work' to say.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with me." -Nancy, Colorado 12/30/2011



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Thank you for your donations to help Senzo, a South African boy (pictured front, right) who fell onto railroad tracks and was almost electrocuted to death. He had severe burns and has had a long and trying recovery but he is back with his friends and caregivers. Your donations helped the orphanage that cares for him to pay some of the medical bills. We are thankful for his caring staff who would not leave him to die because of the high cost of his medical care. His bills were very high and if you'd like to give more to continue to help this orphanage pay off his medical bill debt, you can designate your giving to "SENZO" when you give online under our "How to Help" tab.

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