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In operation for roughly 10 years, A.R.A.I. aims to offer hope to orphans in Third World countries who have been devastated by the diagnosis of AIDS.  On this page, you can learn more about the mission of A.R.A.I., and find helpful links to other parts of our Web site with greater details about our programs.


A.R.A.I. helps children who have lost parents to AIDS and/or have been diagnosed with HIV themselves.  We supply the powerful nutritional called FHL (flax hull lignans), which has been shown in studies to have a 97% success rate at boosting the immune system and lowering viral loads in those with HIV.  In many, and over time, viral loads drop to nondetectable and in some, HIV is no longer detectable in their blood stream.  The FHL helps all children with malnourishment issues and even the children who are not HIV+ benefit from consuming it.  Besides providing the immune boosting properties, it also provides powerful omega-3 rich nutrition as well.  After about 6 weeks of incorporating the flax lignans into their diets, malnourished children start rapidly growing and catching up in size to their expected level of development.

Through this program of nutritional support, we are able to assist and allow local indigenous ministries and churches the power to offer a real and viable answer to those they minister to who have often been given no hope, with an AIDS diagnosis.

Visit the About Us page for more information on our history and our purpose.


  • We have a President, a Board of Directors and Management Staff.


A.R.A.I. empowers children with AIDS to overcome malnourishment, possible loss of parents or caretakers, sickness, and the stigma that comes with the AIDS diagnosis by:

  • Offering nutrition that in every case, makes them healthier and stronger.
  • Offering valid hope that they can live a healthy life, even with the AIDS diagnosis.
  • Dispersing the nutrition through networks of trusted caretakers and responsible community leaders who will make sure that the children receive emotional and spiritual support a long with the nutritional help as well.


A.R.A.I. initially started working in Swaziland and South Africa because AIDS is reported there as being the highest in the world.  Over time we have reached out and partnered with other organizations who are using the flax hull lignans in their outreaches as well. Together we are impacting the health and hope of thousands of HIV inflicted children.

We respect the privacy of the orphans we are working with.  We are very sensitive about posting pictures of children.  If you are an organization looking for references from other organizations who use the flax lignans, we will be happy to provide that.  Please understand why we can't post the children's photos online.  We are currently working with thousands of children in the following countries:

  • Swaziland
  • South Africa
  • Malawi
  • Zimbabwe
  • Haiti
  • Nepal


For more information about our programs, please visit the pages below:

How to Get Involved

A.R.A.I. wants to spread the word of the natural flax hull lignans to the world as the best known solution for the AIDS pandemic. Because the FHL supplement is not a large pharmaceutical, many doctors and hospitals aren't listening to this answer.  We are not against a cure being developed the pharmaceutical way, we are just against letting millions of people die while we wait.  It is unnecessary because this nutritional supplement is so powerful and bringing health and life to those with the diagnosis of HIV and AIDS.

A.R.A.I. provides several ways for you to get involved on your own, with your social network, or with your church or business.

Financial Support
Discover the easy steps that anyone can do to help orphans and vulnerable children around the world who are devastated by the AIDS diagnosis. Sponsor a child, an orphanage or a village and make the difference for these kids. For more details visit the Sponsorship Page.

Connect Socially
Connect to through Facebook and Twitter.  Commit to helping us grow our pages.  The more people who know about the new answer to AIDS, the more we'll be able to spread the word.  Commit to telling all of your Facebook friends about our page and about what we are doing.  Challenge them to tell their churches and friends who work with ministries about us.  Tweet about us and what we are doing.  Get others to connect with us too.

Church Sponsorship
Encourage your church to consider adopting an orphanage or village.  We will connect you with a specific orphanage and give you updates on how your support is affecting the children you are supporting.  The doors will be open for your church or organization to take missions trips to the orphanage you are supporting.


A.R.A.I. submit's itself to be audited every year.  In accordance with best practices, the board has established an Audit Committee to oversee our annual audit and preparation of our IRS Form-990 tax return.   A.R.A.I. treats donor information with the utmost confidence and privacy.  Our EIN # is 43-1926762.  Our CFC# is 10314.



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