Vaccination Research

A.R.A.I. does not have an official position for or against vaccination. Vaccination is a medical procedure and all medical procedures come with inherent risks and benefits. We do support the individual’s right to be educated in knowing as much as possible about vaccinations so that they can choose for their individual person and family in what risks to participate in.

As individual states develop policies for vaccines, there are many issues that warrant open discussion such as:

*The idea of forced injection upon American citizens of any kind and the dangers of that idea in a world where different political parties take control every 4-8 years. What would happen if the current “administration” had a bias against any particular race, sex, gender association, or minority of any kind? What are the possibilities of including something in a required injection that would hinder the development or physical well-being of a certain sub-set of individuals. Required injections have far reaching potential for inexcusable abuse.

*In the process of “protecting the herd” there are individuals who become sacrificed because their bodies cannot tolerate the neurotoxins. Personal and Religious exemptions are important options in vaccine legislation to protect those who know about their own medical issues. Medical exemptions are practically unheard of as physicians know they can lose their license by giving them. People with acknowledged vaccine reactions often cannot get medical exemptions. It is important to protect the individuals who already know their bodies cannot tolerate the vaccines or who for religious or personal reasons choose to not take the risk involved in the medical procedure.

*Since the healthcare industry is a “for-profit” industry, ALL sides should be considered. When there is very big profit potential in a vaccine and the potential for greed over true health care is present, accountability and scrutiny should be present to keep the well-being of the public at hand. All sides should be given equal consideration and nothing should be blindly accepted as truth.


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