Flax Lignan Health Written Testimonies

AIDS Testimonials

“I have just returned from the clinic where we have the AIDS patients on the flax lignans. Was only able to see one of the patients, but she had blood tests recently and they could not detect the AIDS virus – PRAISE GOD!!! – I still don’t know if to believe it. I go back next Thursday and will hopefully get a copy of the blood report from this lady. She has had AIDS for about 10 years. I had to email you straight away.” –John – Reporting For AIDS Clinic Winston Park, South Africa
“I have one testimony of one of our church members who happens to be my aunt Fungisai Musadzirumha of Harare in Zimbabwe. She knew that she had the virus after the death of her husband in the year 2002. Since then she started deteriorating, having chest problems, diarrhea and losing a lot of weight but there is a seminar that she attended that you held here in Zimbabwe were she got the flax hull lignans. She took the flax once every day before she went to bed. She has recovered very well that you can’t even tell that she has the virus. She is no longer always ill as she was before. l can say that she is going to live longer than what she was going to before the flax lignans. Thank you very much.  Tendayi Musadzirumha – Zimbabwe— For His Aunt – An AIDS patient in Zimbabwe


“We have had some breakthroughs & some of our AIDS orphans are being maintained. The one young AIDS child, Lindiwe- who turned five on Sunday- should not be living, but with prayer & the flax- she is still here. Another AIDS orphan that came in with a pot belly is now looking much better since being on flax. We now have 21 orphans & we are hoping to have over 40 by the end of the year.

Several other good reports- one man with sugar diabetes has been able to reduce his insulin. Another man has been able to build up his immune system. Another lady who was continuously on blood pressure & sinus tablets, plus she had a growth in her uterus, has the following to say:

… FHL was given to me in January 2004. I feel like a different person health wise. I’m not taking any medication at this point- Thank you!

In Swaziland, we have several on the flax & so you can see from the reports, we are in need of getting a regular supply. The problem being, the majority of the orphans- there is no funding available. So whatever you can do over there would be a great blessing. The sooner we can get a constant supply, the better.” -L.W., Director of South African Orphanage

“Since starting the flax program, I am now full of energy and glowing with health.

Earlier in the year a copper count cancer marker was registering. Subsequent tests since the flax hulls have shown that there is no sign of cancer any more in my body. The oncologist does not want to see me for another year. ”

Jane – KwaZulu Natal, South Africa — AIDS – Cancer

“The good news is that one of my lymph glands has effectively disappeared (left side of body). I have 3 large glands on my right side, one of which has increased, another slightly decreased and the third has remained roughly the same. Additionally I have had a fairly serious chest problems (chest infection), relating to seperate lymph gland in my chest.
I will definitely continue to take the flax lignans, as I’m convinced its helping.”

John from South Africa — 10 Year AIDS Patient & Lymphoma



Amazing Flax Report from Tanzania!

Musa, is only one year old and has HIV. He was given the flax lignans and they documented his case well. At the start he weighed only 3.5 kgs, which is only 7.7 pounds! After just 30 days he grew to 6.5 kgs, which is 14.3 pounds, which means his weight almost doubled in only 30 days! It also means he is now only 2 pounds behind what a normal one year only should weigh! -From Orphanage in Tanzania who is using flax hull lignans.


Karen Parker Testimonial

Let me start with saying I’m HIV+ and was told I am full blown as of June 2003. My viral load is so high, it’s off the charts! (338,000). My doctors told me I was dying.

09-21-2003 — I received and started taking flax Sept. 21st, 2003.

09-27-2003 — Increase in appetite first week. Everything else is the same. No energy. Have to nap through the day. Diarrhea is much, much worse.

10-04-2003 — Diarrhea so severe-quit taking the flax.

10-11-2003 — Resumed taking flax. NO diarrhea!? Energy level is MUCH better.

10-15-2003 — Cooked dinner for 10 people. Prepared BIG pot of chili, toasted garlic bread, carrot sticks, friend made salad. Had a wonderful time eating, laughing, and enjoying friendship.

10-17-2003 — Had no strength before. Muscle tissue breaking down. Was actually able to lift again. UNBELIEVABLE! Haven’t done that in almost two years!

11-09-2003 — Went to see my doctors for blood work and the doctors told me the other day that my viral load was NONDETECTABLE! I have only been using the flax lignans since September 21, 2003. I have more energy than I can remember and I am feeling great!!!

12-17-2003 — Have been fighting off the flu all week, so I am staying away from crowds. So far, I think I have managed to keep from getting the flu, but I’m not taking any chances. I did have a period of nausea and vomiting, so I’m just taking it easy. I don’t have any blood work at this point to share.



I am almost 100%! I am growing stronger everyday, physically and spiritually, and mentally.

I take 1/2 scoop (1 teaspoon) of flax every day. I still have some diarrhea. I am more energetic. My stamina is increasing. I can walk, stand, lift and run again. Thank you Jesus.

Doctors are talking of taking me off some of the medications I take. WHOOPEE!

I have been helping every month with Angel Food emergency box distribution. I work on the line filling food boxes . I also do coffee, hot chocolate and cookies for all who participate. It’s a great time.

I have also done lunch for our youth on Saturdays (X2). I am doing volunteer work two days a week distributing bread to the community.

I am no longer in need of a personal caregiver. A nurse comes twice monthly instead of once a week. I am capable of keeping my own house again. I do my own cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping again. I am seeing my doctors every three months now. I am beginning to drive again. Slow process Ha Ha. I am active in church and church functions. I am looking forward to spring and summer this year. Can hardly wait to get out!!

The Lord is restoring my life. He is restoring everything in my life. Even the scars on my flesh are diminishing. I am healing inside and out. What a GREAT GOD we have.



“Since starting on the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans I have noticed a slight energy increase, but without the rush or jitteriness associated with many other medications. It hasn’t been a sudden jolt, and didn’t even start right after starting it, just a gradual increase in energy. I have had psoriasis on my elbows and one wrist for a long time. I wasn’t really even thinking about a change with that but I have been pleasantly surprised in finding new skin forming and fewer flakes of skin.” -W.V., HIV+


“I’m very pleasantly surprised and happy to say the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans are working! It must be working because I feel great and I seem to have a lot more energy these days. Just to give you a quick overview, I’m going to list some of the symptoms before taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. As you know I’ve been HIV positive for just over five months, four months when I started taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. My symptoms before the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans were as follows: low energy levels, to the point of sleeping 15 hours a day and still feeling very tired. My lymph nodes in the back of my head, arm pits and groin were swollen to the point of being very sore, and I was constantly getting low grade headaches that would linger on for a day or more. Since taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I’m happy to report the following changes. I now sleep on average of 8 hours each evening and wake up energized and actually wanting to get out of bed, no more headaches…not even one in the last 30 days!!! And my lymph nodes are no longer swollen and sore. I know it must be working because I’ve seen changes and improvements in my overall health and my mental state has improved and my concentration has improved ten fold over the last 30 days. I cannot wait to report back my labs which I get done on Dec. 20. I feel great and I’m looking forward to continued success with this product (Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans)! Thanks again and looking forward to reporting back my numbers in the next six weeks.

Follow up 60 day report essentially there is no change from my 30 day. I’m still feeling great and swelling in my lymph nodes has not returned. I’m sleeping normally and I feel like I could run a marathon. I’m not sure if you remember, but I went and had my labs done on Dec. 19-02 and I’m getting those results back from my doctor on Jan 14-03. I do believe though that the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans has helped me tremendously and I’ve gained 15 pounds over the last 6 weeks. I now weight 205 pounds at 6’1”. This is a record for me and to top it off, it’s not fat and people tell me now all the time, how good I look. If they only knew what I’ve been living with these past months. Update 1-14-03 OK, my v/l is 5629 and my cd4 is 460 with 28% t8 cells. My cd4 is back down to where it was when I was first infected by the needle stick, but my doctor does not seem to be worried about it. He mentioned that the cd4 tends to bounce around +/-100 and can fluctuate as much as +/-50 a day, depending on a lot of factors. On the positive side, I have an extremely low viral count of 5629 and that is excellent. I guess I should be happy about my very low v/l. That is the positive I take away from this and stay tuned for April’s numbers. But you know what? I’m not going to live my life like that. It’s not going to be a series of labs followed by results. I’ve been living a normal life and I will continue to do so. My labs will be a minor inconvenience in order to continue to stay healthy.” -A.C. HIV+


(30 Day Report) First Thirty Days Using ‘Flax Lignans

Week 1: By the end of the week, I was experiencing I believe more energy as I was raking and burning ?Lots? of leaves and doing other yard work. I was a bit sore the next day, ‘just like normal’.

Week 2: Bad week to judge. The weather was so lousy, gray, rainy blah. Could not help but feel blah, did notice the bowel movements were very good.

Week 3: Feeling pretty good overall. Seem to be using less of my Ativan for panic/anxiety.

Week 4: Skipped a day or two. Biggest thing I noticed is that bowel movements are more compact and difficult to pass. (Hope the flax is not acting like to much of a laxative), would hate to become dependent on laxatives , since I really throughout my life I have really never had a constant ?problem? with bowel movements. We will see.

Overall, the taste and feeling of extra energy and a good cleansing of my inners seems to be a benefit I enjoy.


(60 Day): T cell 470 (highest to date) VL undetectable (in November before the flax I had gone on a drug holiday for a month, the third so far over four years). November labs — T cell 220 and VL 135000. So you tell me. I started back on the same meds and added the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Told my doctor — he wants to know more. I as yet, can’t say that the flax did the trick, but the coincidence factor is more than a factor. So, in closing, I continue to have my roughage (almost every day)–have days where I have no desire to do anything and days where I do way plenty. Cholesterol is great. All other significant lab scores are within normal range. So, in conclusion, I think I will keep it up for a while and will not hesitate to share my personal experience. Going to Hilton Head in February.” -A.H. HIV+


“08-30-2003 — I began taking the ‘Flax Hull Lignan Concentrate’ that my health care practitioner, Mary D., had sent to me. Her instructions were to take: 1 scoop twice a day. I finished the first canister on 09-12-2003.

‘Response Report’ (2 Weeks):

Minutes after taking the first scoop My body began to ‘heat up’ and within 30 minutes, I developed a severe headache. For the ongoing 2 weeks I felt like I had the flu with the symptoms of aches and pains, body heating up (temp at 36.5) and headaches and I felt more tired than I usually do.

‘Response Report’ (30 days):

This is a much more ‘potent’ product and even on 1 scoop, I really began to feel like I had the flu. I felt so hot (temp remained at 36.5C), I ached all over and I developed “cold sores” inside my mouth (under tongue and down the throat). Also, my very swollen parotid glands have become “softer” and appear to have decreased in size and my energy level is better!

10-21-2003 — I saw my ‘good’ doctor and told him about the ‘study’. He remarked that my glands look less swollen. (way to go!)” -Louis, HIV+


(03/12/04) “This is about the lady who got the Flax Lignans. This is the one who was at the edge of her life – who was just folded in bed and could not talk at the time she began to use the Flax Lignans. Today she is able to walk, cook her meal, do a little bit of washing and can do the basic things for herself. She has even managed to write a short testimony herself and so I thought it wize to send it along. She had lost her memory but now is even able to write, she was feeble!!”


(Note: It is made perfectly clear to all recipients that flax hull lignans are not medicine, but only food. However, many still call it medicine because they relate medicine and healing together)
The Local Government employee whom I mentioned of having Cancer and undergoing chemotherapy is also well and recommends the Flax. He just got some scoops for one week and says in that week he had the greatest appetite and even the swellings began to lessen. He was free from pain and is busy calling me every day to ask if the consignment has been shipped. I explained to him about the tax and U.S. fund raising efforts, and he promised to help with some papers to facilitate the Tax exemption process.”  –Justine Likuka from Zambia — AAAF Volunteer

“I have some positive testimonies that I have already received about two critical people who were almost dying and who are taking Flax Hull Lignans. They are responding very, very well. This has really opened a big demand for this food product. We are now facing a lot of pressure from the people and may I also kindly pass it to you Sir. There is need to work out another supply of flax hull lignans into our area if possible so that we could widen our testimony base and then to lobby the Government for help in the supply of this helpful commodity.” –Rev. Jeremiah Teverai Machote from Zimbabwe

“The Donations of Flax Hall Lignans that you brought to South Africa are starting to produce great results. Pastor Leonard from Piet Retief was at our local meeting and he reported on three miracles that happened as a direct results from the use of the flax hull lignans.

1. The little Girl age six that has full blown HIV/AIDS. Her VL count was into the 300,000 range. You yourself were there and heard the tragic story about this dying little orphan girl. You saw the little shadow of a human being she had been reduced to. Well, under the supervision of the local pastor and the medical doctor, this girl has picked up two pounds of weight in less than three weeks!

2. One lady with a cancer growth went for the operation that was scheduled to remove the growth, but the improvement was so dramatic that the doctor decided not to operate.

3. A man with severe diabetes is starting to reduce his medicines.

These are all testimonies of the people in the Piet Retief area of S. Africa.

I personally sent the lignans to a man in Cape Town who had full blown AIDS. He was in church and told me that the product has given him a new chance in life, his strength is back and he can work again.”

-James — AAAF South African National Director


02/19/04 – Many thanks once again !! I received the 3 containers. I am continuing the flax every day. Well about my feeling, i am feeling better and I find that my are lesions drying up and also reduced in size, the same with the nodes I have on my thumb and one on the scalp. The scalp one has been there for about 5 years now !!! It would keep reducing and coming back … lets see if it comes back or disappears now with the flax.

My constipation is better than before. there are days in between that my appetite goes in for a leap and I eat loads of food…. Have had a mild fever like feeling in the last few days. Over all I feel better than before. I personally feel that my VL was very high and is coming down
slowly. I am overdue for the blood count report, which I shall try n get done ASAP and send across. have a nice day.

Bob from India — HIV Positive