Diabetes Resources

On accident, when researching the Flax Hull Lignans, we discovered that people who took the Flax Hull Lignans (mainly for other reasons) also had their blood sugar levels affected. People with diabetes started reporting a leveling out of their blood sugar levels. There have been other natural resources that we have stumbled upon that help with blood sugars as well and so we thought we’d list them here for your own research. We are not physicians and this information is not to replace medical advice from your physician. It is a starting point for you as you are being your own health detective, to research and look for things that will support your own health plan.


  1. Flax Hull Lignans – Reports of blood sugar levels leveling out as people took 1/2 to 1 small scoop a day of this product. Results reported in as little as 6 weeks.
  2. Ocotea essential oil from Young Living. This oil is reportedly used as a support by dropping the oils under the tongue to help balance blood sugars. This is the company we recommend because a lot of research shows many essential oils companies get their oils from perfume distilleries which can have aluminum toxicity from their vats. Young Living uses surgical stainless steel vats and non-GMO plants with no pesticides.