Natural Health in a Pharmaceutical World

My name is Wendy Smelser. I’m one of the researchers for Aids Research and Assistance. I want to talk a little about why we research and why we look for natural solutions for people with diseases like AIDS and cancer.

We have people and associates we work with who work on the field in the Philippines, South Africa, Swaziland, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatamala and Ecuador. They live in Third World country conditions and deal with Third World country problems. They have problems and issues that the medical system cannot and is not fixing.  Often the price of medical care is not feasible for a  sick orphan. And the medicines that are offered, are not to cure, they are to treat. Hey, did you know that the medical system around the world is a FOR PROFIT system? The pharmaceutical companies try to make medicines to help people, yes. But above it all, they are in business FOR PROFIT.

And do you think it is more profitable to cure or to treat a disease? I’m just asking questions.

Diseases with big names don’t ever have cures announced for them. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t ever cured from them, but there is a lot of money and a lot of corruption and possibilities for corruption in the current medical system. It is broken in many ways. We feel that it is important that alternatives to the broken system are researched, explored and published. We know that change in the medical system won’t happen overnight, but we want people to see that there are alternatives to the standard medical system. We don’t want to fight against doctors and medical science, we love doctors and love the things that work about the medical system. But there are also things that don’t work, and injustices are done – which should be expected in any for profit situation involving health.

So we look and research among the natural world options. We sift through false claims, good claims, old wives tales, hippie herbal concoctions and we try to find evidence of things that work. Without millions of dollars to run trials, this is actually a decent system. And, we work with a basic philosophy that natural is better. We just have to find the good and pick it out from the bad and the crazy.

So we research. And we have found unbelievable things. We can’t sell any of these things because then we wouldn’t have the freedom of speech to talk about it. So, since we don’t sell them, we aren’t under marketing speech law. We can tell you what we’ve found. And, it’s your job to read it, do your own research, and make your own decisions. Take what we’ve found to your doctor if you’d like. Go find a good naturopath. Don’t walk in fear if you’ve been given a scary diagnosis, educate yourself and become your own health detective. The more you know, the more options you have. And there are a world of natural health options that you’ll never hear from the current medical industry.

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