Our Mission

Aids Research & Assistance has a multi-faceted approach to helping children around the world. We have a research team that looks for outside of the box ways to help kids who are struggling with immune system issues. We publish research for other organizations who are looking for out of the box answers. We also help to provide these solutions as well as medical supplies to areas of the world where there may not be a lot of support.

One example of an out of the box solution, is the all natural flax hull lignan. This is an extracted constituent from the shell of flax seed. It is concentrated and one teaspoon is equivalent to 2 gallons of whole ground flax seed. The lignans look for, find and kill cancer cells (according to a doctor we worked with who had a PhD in Immunology from Berkley).   Many people in Africa have been helped tremendously by adding Flax Hull Lignans to their diets. A simple few teaspoons a day can change the life and health of someone suffering from HIV.  Here are a few testimonials from some of the people in Africa who used the Flax Hull Lignans.




Our History

AIDS Research and Assistance Institute is an organization born out of need.   Originally working with children’s feeding programs overseas, the founders wanted to find some positive relief for children with AIDS/HIV.   Unfortunately, the only relief available at the time was to make a sick child comfortable as AIDS/HIV ate away at their bodies until death.  This was not the answer we were willing to accept. Very soon afterwards, our path crossed with a North Dakota farmer who had invented a scientific breakthrough extraction of “all natural lignans” from the shell of flax.  These lignans naturally boost the human immune system.  The farmer was looking for an organization who could test the lignans for the benefit of those with AIDS/HIV and other ailments. Two trials were organized and performed in the United States, with the third round of trials to be performed in South Africa & Swaziland.  The trials included people who volunteered with all sorts of health issues.  Results were amazing as we saw cancerous tumors disappear, diabetic sugar levels balanced, fungal infections reduced, significant improvement came to those with viral or bacterial conditions, and AIDS/HIV sufferers found great relief.



Karen and then other AIDS sufferers were so positively affected by the flax hull lignans that trial number three was performed in South Africa and Swaziland where living conditions, food and water consumption are much different than in the U.S.  We performed our third trial in this part of the world which is hardest hit by HIV/AIDS.  The results were even more amazing than the first 2 trials in the United States.  All 100 people in the trial had HIV with the wasting symptoms of AIDS.  These were very sick children and adults.   97% of the people had significant change of health.  Viral loads dropped (some to non-detectable) and CD-4 counts raised significantly within 6 weeks of starting the trial. After the trial in South Africa and Swaziland, ARAI committed to continue to provide further research and assistance towards those suffering with AIDS/HIV.  Those at grass roots level knew that the lignans helped their people, and they felt that they needed a continued supply of the flax hull lignans to survive.  We have committed to join the fight to supply all natural lignans to those in need at the grass roots level, including creating supply lines of flax hull lignans to other organizations, clinics and grass roots care centers  who work with AIDS/HIV sufferers.   Our program brings hope to those who previously had no hope.  Until now, AIDS/HIV sufferers in the third world who cannot reach anti-retrovirals, have been made comfortable as they slowly lose the battle.  But now there is hope once they can access all natural flax hull lignans to help build and support their immune systems. Many people in Africa have been helped tremendously by adding Flax Hull Lignans to their diets. A simple few teaspoons a day can change the life and health of someone suffering from HIV.