Holistic Dentists

My name is Kate Daniels. I am one of the researchers for A.R.A.I.

In doing some research about holistic approaches to dentistry, we found this directory of holistic dentists. Please do your own research and ask questions when talking to these dentists. Just because they are listed here doesn’t mean they are 100% holistic.   CLICK HERE FOR LIST

I went to one of the dentists on this list and though he was very holistic minded, he still could only offer a root canal (for my problem tooth) with ozone therapy to try to kill all of the bacteria. This is a better option than a typical dentist root canal, but it still isn’t guaranteed to kill all of the bacteria. There are many concerns with root canals and the bacteria that gets locked into your root and is still in your blood stream. These bacteria can be linked to many health challenges later in life.

Personally, I attended a lecture from Dr. Thomas Lynn Thomasson this year. He was mentored by Dr. Hal Huggins who wrote a good article on root canals HERE.  Dr. Thomasson has some great treatment options and will do the best thing for your health. He also mentioned a new implant technology that he believed was very safe.

Dr. Thomasson’s office information is:
(303) 400 – 4865
Another holistic minded dentist we’ve heard good things about in California can be found here: http://www.biodentalhealing.com/contact/
We will do more articles on holistic dentistry as we find the research. If you have recommendations for us to look into -whether it is treatments, dentists or ideas, please send an email to: info@aidshivawareness.org. Remember, we were a research organization for the HIV/AIDS issue first and have grown into other areas.



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