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Here is a report from one of our correspondents in South Africa. This discusses the Flax Hull Lignans and how they are treated with them and their health improves.


This organization was born out of a need to help dying children who were infected with HIV/AIDS. The founders of this organization were involved with feeding programs in countries where HIV and AIDS was prevalent and would always run into sick children. When asked what could be done for the kids, they were told that they could just “make them comfortable.” That was not an acceptable answer and so this organization was born alongside the quest to find an out-of-the-box answer. We were connected with a naturopath who also knew of a farmer who had just invented a machine that would extract lignans out of the shell of flax seed. The Flax Hull Lignans were being used on people with serious illnesses (brain cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer) and this farmer was hoping to find someone with HIV/AIDS who would be willing to try it. The naturopath connected us and we agreed to perform 2 trials in the USA. We ran two tests and saw awesome results (HERE), and then agreed to do a trial in South Africa with 100 HIV/AIDS patients. The results were even more amazing (HERE)!

Since these results, some of the childrens’ centers where we have been donating the Flax Hull Lignans have reported that some kids who have been on it over time have even tested negative for HIV now. The antibodies are not even showing up in their blood stream!