Foods That Attack Cancer

This article will be updated regularly. If you are looking to prevent or help treat cancer through dietary measures, here are some articles about amazing anti-cancer type foods you can incorporate into your diet:


Pomegranate juice. It contains a host of polyphenols that directly impair cancer growth. Here are some research articles to look up and decide for yourself.


Flax Hull Lignans. Extracted and concentrated lignans from the shell of the flax seed. The mechanically separated and cold processed are the ones you want. Chemically extracted lignans (in liquid form) using solvents, leave traces of solvents in the product and are only 1 isolated lignan (SDG) instead of the spectrum of lignans that work together.

We suggest going to and putting the search term “Flax Lignans Cancer” into the search box. Over 10 pages of research articles will come up for you to review.


Brocolli and Cruciferous Vegetables – low incidence of bladder cancer


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