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We have performed a total of three official trials.  Each trial had 100 volunteers.  The first two trials were performed in the United States with people that had various illnesses including AIDS, diabetes, cancer and more.  The third trial was done in South Africa and Swaziland with 100% HIV+ people with the wasting symptoms of AIDS.  The results were amazing.  You can download the trial results under "What We Offer" and then "The Research & Testimonials" tabs.  Other organizations have performed their own trials and found similar results.  AIDS patients typically find their viral loads dropping significantly.  CD-4 counts rise dramatically as well.  Cancer and Diabetes patients have reported amazing things as well.  Browse through our testimonials and read for yourself!

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VIRAL Testimonials

“I've had a viral problem much like shingles, though one of my doctors does believe that it is shingles. Since taking the Flax Hull Lignans, I feel they are helping me control the virus. My spots are dropping off and I feel more energy now.” -Renee, Texas


"I started taking the flax hull lignans - about four months now. I can tell you I haven't been sick lately. Used to get sick quite a bit, especially with the flu and even bronchitis. My immune system has greatly improved. This year has been a good one!"

-CeCe June, 2011



"Flax Hull Lignans have helped me immensely. I am 61 yrs. old and suffer from chronic Hepatitis C, diagnosed at Cleveland Clinic in 1970, as "Chronic Active Non-A / Non-B" and finally as HCV some years later when this type became a known strain. I never felt too bad from it, but was told that I needed Interferon in the early 1990's. I saw the head of Hepatology, Dr. *** at Cleveland Clinic, who in 1994 told me that it was a 50-50 chance that I would get any benefit from treatment.

Dr. Steve Martin told me to try your product and that it had been found or was believed (not sure which) to halt viral cell replication. Taking the good Dr's advice I have been on Flax Hull LIgnans for some time and use it on my morning cereal, on a salad or in something like applesauce or yogurt. I look at it as medicine and rarely miss a dose. This daily use of flax lignans, coupled with 3 doses of maximum milk thistle / silybin phytosome, is slowing down my disease.

One year ago, my viral load and liver functions were recorded. They were getting kind of high. I was very sure to take these two natural products together "every day" for the past year and guess what? I just saw the Doctor and my liver battery tests were all normal. This included almost a 10% drop in my viral load as well. That's just short of amazing isn't it!! I can't thank you enough for your product. I hope to see a further reduction in my viral load again next year! Here's to better health. Best Regards.” -Charles, Ohio


"Hello again, trust you are well and stable. Taylor's over all health is much better, as in energy levels. His skin tone and nails are better. He is grateful to be on the flax lignans. His viral load is under 15,000, which is great for a chronic marijuana smoker. Myself, quite pleased to have met you plus your wonderful FLAX HULL LIGNANS. My liver isn't sore or swollen any more and I feel great, thanks to God plus His wonderful medicine. Flax can assist the sick and the healthy in prevention." -Don, Hepatitis C and his 17 year old son born with HIV


"Regarding the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I have experienced four times when I thought I was coming down with a cold or flu symptoms. Each time, they only lasted from late afternoon till I went to sleep. I woke up and they were gone. This usually happens only once or twice during an entire 'flu' season. I have noticed no other side effects good or bad."-R.M.




Thank you for your donations to help Senzo, a South African boy (pictured front, right) who fell onto railroad tracks and was almost electrocuted to death. He had severe burns and has had a long and trying recovery but he is back with his friends and caregivers. Your donations helped the orphanage that cares for him to pay some of the medical bills. We are thankful for his caring staff who would not leave him to die because of the high cost of his medical care. His bills were very high and if you'd like to give more to continue to help this orphanage pay off his medical bill debt, you can designate your giving to "SENZO" when you give online under our "How to Help" tab.

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