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We have performed a total of three official trials.  Each trial had 100 volunteers.  The first two trials were performed in the United States with people that had various illnesses including AIDS, diabetes, cancer and more.  The third trial was done in South Africa and Swaziland with 100% HIV+ people with the wasting symptoms of AIDS.  The results were amazing.  You can download the trial results under "What We Offer" and then "The Research & Testimonials" tabs.  Other organizations have performed their own trials and found similar results.  AIDS patients typically find their viral loads dropping significantly.  CD-4 counts rise dramatically as well.  Cancer and Diabetes patients have reported amazing things as well.  Browse through our testimonials and read for yourself!

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Diabetes & CholesterolTestimonials

"I so want to share the good news and thank you from the bottom of my heart. My friend/client Tim has been ill nearly 12 years, with high blood pressure, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, vascular disease and severe heart problems along with cholesterol/triglycerides and allergies to all statins and many other drugs. Our good doctor who believes it is his job to cure, has been more than willing to find us something that would work naturally. Well so far he hasn't, but I took the info to him on Flax Hull Lignans and he said take it and we shall see, come in for testing in 30 days.

This is the results of our first 30 days!!



















I myself, call this a MIRACLE! I am grateful to those of you who are doing all of this wonderful research and keeping us updated on successes. We are most anxious to see the next 30 day results and the next. Can't wait for our next doctor visit to see what he says. Of course we have lots of questions but will ask those at a later date. I will keep you informed. God Bless one and all for being so diligent and sharing with HSI as I have been getting info from them all along. " -Mona, AZ



"We are so thankful we found out about the benefits of Flax Hull Lignans. When my husband had a doctors visit with our doctor about three years ago he was in a poor state of health. My husband, who pastors a church was ready to give up the church ministry because he was hardly able to stand up through his message. He had many allergy issues with food and environment. He WAS a diabetic and dependent on medications. His immune system WAS almost depleted. He WAS litheness and had no energy; and thought a good healthy life was over, but through our doctor's care and advice she ordered the Flax Hull Lignans for him. He has taken them daily since then and NO LONGER takes diabetic medication, or any other pharmaceutical prescribed drugs. He still pastors the same church he has pastored for sixteen years; and is in the best health he has been in for many years. Our many thanks go out to you and our doctor for your wonderful discovery." -The Shipman's


“A friend told me about flax lignans. Our family started to take flax lignans in November 2010. In march 2011 we had our physicals. My husband's total cholesterol went from 238 to 214(should be <200) and the LDL went from 145 to 128(should be <130). My LDL went from 145 to 128. During the Winter time we use to have colds, nobody had a cold this past Winter. It was a good boost to our immune system. I have recommended flax hull lignans to many friends and family members who now take it also.”

-Z.M., Conneticut

June, 2011

"I started using flax seed lignans about 3 years ago. I had been to my doctor and had raised cholesterol levels of concern. If they did not improve I was going to have to take prescription medication. I began taking a tsp of FHL on oatmeal every day at breakfast and at my next checkup not only were all levels improved, the doctor said they were at levels of a 30 year old. I am 63." J.L., Australia


"My Name is Samuel Connelly, I am 26 years old and have a wife and two children. A few years ago I was diagnosed as diabetic. I spent my first two weeks in the hospital in the intensive care unit (I.C.U.) getting my fingers poked every half hour and blood constantly taken. From there I was set up on a daily insulin plan, where I give myself a shot before every meal, and before I go to sleep.

This last year had been really bad because my sugars where staying too high and I was already taking around 40 units of insulin with every shot. I could not get my blood sugars to get down below 250 - 275,most of the time. Occasionally it would spike to 500 or 600. This was getting real normal for me until recently.

For a little over 3 months now, I have been using this Flax Hull Lignan concentrate, given to me by A.R.A.I. After about two weeks of continuous use I noticed a change in how I felt. I also noticed that my blood sugars were coming down. The really amazing thing here is that I have (now for the last two months) been taking it just a few times a week and my blood sugars have come down into their normal range. I have not had to give myself a shot in about TWO MONTHS! Before, I could not get my sugars to come down under 200, now it stays under 200!

I am so thankful for this FHL now because I am a big guy, but I hate shots. I hate the fear that I may not be there to see my children grow up or that my wife may have to raise them alone. I do not have this fear any more. Praise God for this effective tool that He has given us."

Samuel Connelly-- Diabetic


First of all: Yes, I will continue taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. I would like to take it long term. One thing I have noticed is that my blood sugar has been regular. I tend to get hypoglycemic and have had very few problems since taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. A few weeks back, I was trying to come down with a cold, and it never happened. I am sure that it is from the Concentrate Flax Hull Lignans. My hunger has reduced significantly. When I eat fruits or vegetables, I get full very quick. I have always been gassy, but this product has made that a little bit worse. Once in a while, I feel a little bit nauseated still, but that has mostly subsided. I think the biggest this is that I feel healthy. I didn't see a big increase in energy but I do feel good. I also started drinking 100% pure aloe vera juice, and between the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans and the juice, I'm feeling healthy.” -P.C., Diabetes


"I am a Diabetic with uncontrolled sugar levels. While Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans has not been portrayed as being a cure for Diabetes, it certainly has helped me control mine better. Also, I have a problem with constipation. I never worry about that as long as I am taking Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Another problem that I have is Cysts in my breasts, they can be very painful. After a short time using Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, I noticed that I wasn't having the pain I used to. In fact there isn't any pain. Now, I was never told that Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans would do so much for us, but it sure has.

We put a measuring spoon full in our orange juice in the morning. It is so handy having the measuring spoon provided in the jar. I like to mix mine with 7-up, Hugh likes to use hot chocolate. I believe the very best is in orange juice, also works on breakfast food, etc." -G.E.






Thank you for your donations to help Senzo, a South African boy (pictured front, right) who fell onto railroad tracks and was almost electrocuted to death. He had severe burns and has had a long and trying recovery but he is back with his friends and caregivers. Your donations helped the orphanage that cares for him to pay some of the medical bills. We are thankful for his caring staff who would not leave him to die because of the high cost of his medical care. His bills were very high and if you'd like to give more to continue to help this orphanage pay off his medical bill debt, you can designate your giving to "SENZO" when you give online under our "How to Help" tab.

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