CD4 Counts Raise Naturally With Flax Hull Lignans

Aids Research and Assistance Institute works in many areas around the world, supplying many orphanages, schools and churches with naturally based regimens to help support the immune system. We’ve seen amazing results, especially in those with HIV/AIDS. Here is a testimonial from a lady in South Africa who reported her CD4 counts improving after taking the natural health supplement called Flax Hull Lignans. These Flax Hull Lignans are the mechanically extracted type, not the chemically extracted. There is a big difference. We recommend Flax Hull Lignans that have been through the MCP process for extraction. We have used this protocol with thousands of people and the results are very positive for most! Go to our “Research” tab to download the official study we did in South Africa, and to learn more about Flax Hull Lignans and the effect on the immune system.

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