Flax Hull Lignans & Cancer

Cancer Testimonials from our studies with Flax Hull Lignans

Cancer Testimonials

“When my husband first started taking the Flax Hull Lignans 5 months ago, his PSA dangerously high. After taking the lignans for a month, his PSA had dropped by 40%. Then having it checked another time, it was only slightly above normal levels for his age. The last check showed PSA levels at normal levels.

Our doctor initially mentioned that there were some discrepancies. Basically, he was questioning what was making my husband better, the doctor’s prescription for increased appetite or the Flax Hull Lignans. However, his is doing so well at this time he no longer needs the appetite medication. Also, the nurses in the office have been following right along with my husband’s case and they told me that they’d never seen such a drastic drop in PSAs. The doctor has recently told my husband to stop taking what he was giving him and only continue on the flax. My husband has a lot less pain and is starting to gain back his weight!” –Herald, by wife Shirlee in Ohio, Prostate Cancer
“Thank you for shipping the flax hull lignans. I started on it immediately. As I stated in my phone call on April 17th, I was very ill from my 2nd chemo treatment. I was out of work for the whole week. Weak, vomiting, nauseous, heartburn with very bad stomach pains. Within 4 hours of taking the lignans in a glass of water, I as able to relieve the constipation that was also making me sick. It is now 5 days later and I am back to work. I’m still a little shaky, but I am able to keep food down and am building up my strength. I am looking forward to staying on this product in the future. Thank you again. I believe you have saved my life.” –Diana M. of Farmington, CT (USA) — Cancer Treatment – Chemo Side Effects


“I had GIST stomach Cancer and had surgery for it. After the surgery, I refused chemo and was sent home. The first day home I found out about FHL. Not only has there been no cancer recurrence, but my energy level went up and stayed up. Also since taking the FHL I have had no colds or flus or allergies. I am approaching 70 and will always take FHL as long as it is available!”



“For 10 to 12 years I have had re-occurrences of basal cell skin cancer. dermatologists have used many different methods to remove the skin cancer. About 3 years ago I began to have to have basal cell cancers 1 to 3 at a time, removed every 2 months. I began taking the Flax Hull Lignans in May 0f 2008 & I have not had to have a basal cell cancer removed in the last year. So I was taking it almost a year & the cancers have stopped. I personally believe it is because I am taking the Flax Hull Lignans.”

-Albert, California, Cancer


“About 5 years ago, I developed a lump in my groin and was diagnosed with lymphoma. This was removed surgically and treated with radiation. The following year a lump developed in the other groin and was treated in a similar fashion. A third lump was treated with radiation. When a fourth one appeared the following year, my oncologist suggested non treatment, as he advised that I would continue to have these tumors for the rest of my life. The lump continued to grow in size. In the Summer of 2008, I read about your lignans and decided to give them a try. In December I noticed that the lump was shrinking and within 2 weeks disappeared completely. My doctor was impressed but assured me that the condition would return. I check each day and so far it has not. I have recommended lignans to several other friends and family members and continue to feel that they are a miracle.” -Faithful FHL User, Toronto, Canada


“I give out 1 container free to friends that are ill and then ask them to order their own supply. Friends with cancer have been improving greatly. One lad in Alberta is telling everyone her diabetes is pretty well gone. A great product!” – Ruth, Canada



“Last January I got some flax hull lignans for a friend who had a brain tumor. She is a young mom and was devastated to be told that it would keep growing back and that she could expect only about 5 more years of life. She started taking the FHL in December and a recent MRI showed that the brain tumor has actually shrunk in size, much to her doctor’s surprise. Not only that, she hasn’t been sick a day since she started taking it!” -M.H. Colorado Springs, CO


“Hello to all. Here is what Flax Hull Lignans produced in my life.

I have Prostate cancer, with metastases in my bones, knees, hips, shoulders & several other places in my back. It’s too late for chemo or radiation. I did receive radiation in my leg to relieve some pain. In May 2008 my doc decided to give me four chemo treatments to lower my p.s.a. count. Nothing was working to bring it down at the time it was fifty some, chemo would (hopefully ) bring it back to a more acceptable level. After 4 treatments it was now in the month of July a reading revealed 94.7, so the doc stopped everything. At that time The good Lord provided for me to receive info about Flax Hull Lignans. I started immediately on it. In Sept. my p.s.a. was 46.2 …..from 94.7.

In Oct……43.1 Still going down. By provision from the good Lord again we got info from the doctor on the Budwig diet. So now I am taking flax lignans & Budwig diet plan every day.


Back to the doctor in January 2009. My P.S.A. now is 26.3 Also my night trips to the bathroom are reduced to one. Am still taking morphine. This is a great forest fire ( the doctor said ) so flax lignans & Budwig protocol have a big job to do with the help of the Lord.

First I was given 18 months, to live. It will be 3 years as of February.” – C.S.


“I have used FHL for about a month and a half. I do not have AIDS. I only have one lung. The other was removed for cancer. I was on two inhalers. These were taken about three times a day. In the past month I have not used any of these. My oxygen for my lung is about 92%. I still have a little trouble going up the 14 steps in my basement. I recover very fast and can do my every day things. I am 69 years old and have not felt this good in many years.”

James L., Oakland, MD


“I was diagnosed about three and a half years ago with a pituitary macroadenoma. I underwent surgery to have the tumor debulked, although a large portion of it has grown around the carotid arteries and was inoperable. I had radiotherapy after surgery and as a result my pituitary gland was destroyed. This was about a year and a half ago, and the last MRI scan shows that the tumor is still just under 5cm in diameter and has not started to shrink or breakdown yet from the radiotherapy.

I have to take cortisone three times a day (as a cortisol replacement) as well as elxtroxin (thyroid replacement). When the doctors are happy that the tumor is no longer growing, I will also start growth hormone therapy. As my pituitary gland no longer functions, I have been extremely tired and without any energy. I was given flax seed lignans about 2 months ago, and since then my energy levels are back to normal – I no longer fall asleep by 7pm or when I sit down after work to have a cup of coffee!! I have also cut down on the cortisone without feeling any side effects or tiredness. My field of vision was tested about 2 weeks ago, and although the tumor is so big and is pressing in the optic nerve, the field of vision of my right eye is 100% normal, and only a small area near the blind spot of my left eye is affected. The previous test showed that I was losing peripheral vision in both eyes. This last test is 100% improvement.

I believe that the flax lignans have played a major role in improving my quality of life and energy levels, as well as my eye sight. I believe that the next MRI scan will show that the tumor has started to shrink, if not altogether disappeared, as God has given me a promise that He will heal me and that it will be a miracle all for His glory, and He who promised is faithful.”

Kate G.


“My name is Patrick W. and I am 52 years old with bone cancer. I recently had a bone marrow transplant approximately 100 days ago. I have been taking flax hull lignans for over 4 months daily. I have a great general sense of well being and am able to focus clearly. I previously could not focus and had a very difficult time reading. I read fluently and even write with clarity again. I believe it is related to the daily flax lignans.”.


“I’m coming up for 2 weeks on the flax lignans and I have been very impressed. My chest seems to have loosened – there is/was a massive “mass” (lesion) in my chest and there is still a long way to go, but it seems to be improving. Some of the external lymph glands seem to have reduced marginally, although its too early to say. If this flax lignan works, its just too good to be true (like all the best things in life).” -John, South Africa, Lymphoma


“My husband, Hugh has an enlarged prostrate and a heart that beats very irregularly. Several Doctors over the years have felt he would need surgery on his prostrate. In the last two years it had become very bad, with Hugh getting up several times during the night. He had not been on the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans for more than two weeks when he noticed a significant improvement, almost a complete reversal. Now he does not get up more then once at night, if that to go to the bathroom. His heart has been beating steady and at, an even speed. He was a candidate for a pace-maker before he started with Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, now there is no mention of needing surgery.

Hugh’s Doctor was absolutely astonished at his last progress report. He asked what we were doing differently. We could only say Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Our Doctor said he knew that they were very good from different studies and so forth that he had read, but he had never seen such a dramatic improvement. While the prostrate is still enlarged, the side effects are lessened to a great extent. Hugh’s heart is so much better that our Doctor can not believe it. Hugh had a stroke in August of 2001. His heart was so bad that we were worried that if he needed surgery he would not recover. Now, he is just bouncing along and mowing and putting up hay and working with his horses and cattle. I should mention that Hugh is 71 years young. We can only summarize that Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, is responsible for his improved health.” -G.E.


“I have been using Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans for a couple of months. I have had real good luck with it. I didn’t think it would work when I started, but it has helped me. I have a bad prostrate and I am constantly looking for a bathroom. Also, I just don’t feel right most of the time.

A friend gave me a couple of jars of the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans she got. I forgot about it for a few days then I was getting company in about two weeks, so I decided I might as well try the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. Boy oh boy, did it work. I made a few more trips then usual for the first day or two. After that I made less and less trips. I am down to one or two a night and that is generally early evening and early morning. After getting up every hour, on the hour and getting little sleep and being a real grouch for most all day. I can’t believe, how much better life seems. My wife says she may keep me if this stuff keeps working.

I generally feel better too. I seem to be happier and have a better outlook on life. My Doctor said I should have surgery, he hasn’t said anything about it now. There is a lot of guys in our area that have bad prostrates and cancer.”


“I have been fighting cancer for nearly 20 years. I asked my doctor about Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. He said it was good to take and is used as a preventative for cancer. I already have cancer; but he told me I could take it as it wouldn’t hurt me.

I was unable to take my regular chemo for the last three months, but did start taking the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans. I noticed one of the lumps on my chest was getting smaller and is now gone. My Doctor told me it was the Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans that was causing the changes in the lump. I will continue taking Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans.” -Lydia, Cancer


“This letter is to thank you for your contribution to my successful recovery to this date from breast cancer using flax lignans as part of my home therapy program.

I was diagnosed at the University of Va Hospital with infiltrating ductal carcinoma in my right breast in August of 2002. I had a lumpectomy in November for a 2 and ½ cm tumor. All margins were clear. I declined further treatment. In February I had a recurrence in the same breast in a different location but possibly in the same milk duct. I had the 7 mm tumor removed by a lumpectomy in March, 2003 and I also had the sentinel nodes removed. Two out of three nodes were infected upon closer inspection after surgery. I refused further treatment options which included removal of the rest of the nodes in that region, chemotherapy and radiation. A CT scan in early April revealed a possible tumor in the lining of the lung that was too small to biopsy.

In the end of April, 2003, I began eating 1 capful of flax lignans daily. This was in addition to the following supplements: 1/3 c of the Cherokee cancer cure- tea made from indigenous plants on the reservation, 1 t of graviola- a plant from the Amazon forest thought to work like chemotherapy, 90 days of Pawpaw, from the Pawpaw tree thought to work like chemotherapy, RM 10 (Garden of Life) a mixture of mushrooms for increasing the immune system; 8-10,000 units of Vitamin C; digestive enzymes; Body Balance and Osteoprocare by Life Force International- a combination of liquid vitamins and minerals in an aloe vera base and 1 t Miracle II triple strength neutralizer.

In June and Oct 2003 I had CT scans. Both of them showed no significant change in the lining of the lung. In Oct, 2003 I had a mammogram with two significant spots one on each breast and underwent biopsies. The left breast was found to be calcification with no cancer and the right biopsy of a 7mm mass in the bottom of the first lumpectomy site was found to be inflammatory tissue with no indication of cancer.

I attribute the successful control of the cancer to flax lignans and the supplements I was taking, plus the following: much prayer both personally and from hundreds of friends; laying on of hands, massage, Reiki, acupuncture as well as yoga, 2-3 x a week. Also colonics once a week with colemas and coffee enemas several times a week at home. I limited my intake of sugar. Most of my food came from raw organic vegetables and raw organic vegetable juices. My intention was to detox my body and build up my immune system. I believe the flax lignans were an intricate part of my successful recovery thus far.”

Sincerely, Melinda

“My name is Mamoona. I am 52 years old and I was diagnosed with bone cancer in September of 2002. Thank you for the supply of the flax lignans which I have been taking for about three weeks. I found that it did help me a little. I have full energy and I could walk a little without crutches. It also eased my pain a bit. I am sure if I continue to take it, it will heal my pain and suffering.”

ARAI STAFF NOTE: “I talked with Mamoona on the phone one week later and she had stopped all pain medication and was walking everywhere without crutches. Her energy levels were back to normal and she is very excited! It’s interesting what happens when you give the product around 4 – 6 weeks to build your immune system! Thanks to God for this wonderful product!”

Mamoona from South Africa — Cancer

“A Government official who has cancer called and I went to see him this afternoon to pray with him and check on his progress. I had just given him a week’s dosage of flax hull lignans from a sample pack and I could not believe it when I saw him working in his office after months of laying home under chemotherapy. On Sunday we fellowshipped with one of the AIDS patients that got the full monthly dose and I got a report that the lady is able to get up and call for her food. She now can walk a little bit and is about 75% better than she was on the day Flax came into her life.”

Rev. Justine Likuka from Zambia — AAAF Volunteer