About Us

A.R.A.I. started out as a non-profit research company dedicated to finding an out-of-the-box solution for HIV/AIDS. We work with multiple non-profit organizations who needed answers specifically for the kids and orphans they help in countries like South Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, Philippines, and Thailand. We found answers and a natural protocol that works!

While doing this research and work, we stumbled upon natural health supports that also worked on other body systems and health challenges. We have seen some of these things work first hand. We support research and the reporting of natural health solutions to help support the body so that it can do it’s own job of healing itself.

We support the reporting of research on HIV/AIDS treatments.

We provide current information on methods of treatment or natural ways to boost the immune system.

We publish awareness and prevention information as well.

We are a non profit organization which educates and brings awareness to people internationally concerning the HIV/AIDS epidemic worldwide, important life choices, sexuality, hygiene and medical issues that are pertinent to the betterment of life quality.

Education is provided through seminars, multi media programs and literature.

We provide reporting of research on natural immune system building products which are readily available to third world people who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. We work on the African continent to bring relief to AIDS orphans and children with HIV. We provide immune system building nutritional care and medical equipment/supplies for third world orphans in various nations.